Outside for Academy

During the Academy period, many students enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air to work on projects and chat with friends. Students should be able to continue to sit in this beloved place during the free period.

It is always nice to be outside whenever one has the chance. The free hour is utilized by many to work on school projects and chat with friends, but keeping close eyes on the students and attempting to regulate their activity has affected our opportunities to sit outdoors. Being outside can help your mental health and sharpen focus, so why not allow an opportunity to relax in a non-cramped classroom environment for a change? Having the ability to sit outside is definitely an added benefit to Academy, and students that have proven themselves responsible enough to sit outdoors should be able to do so.

We already are stuck in cramped classroom with small, uncomfortable chairs at least six hours a day,  five days a week, thirty-six weeks a year. Being able to spend another hour outside, if only two times a week, is fun and much better than being indoors.  

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