Hallway Concert

by Ariana Stanton

Joy to the World, Jingle Bells, O’ Christmas Tree are all songs that come to mind when you think of Christmas. As many of you know, chamber groups made of Las Lomas music program students have been performing in the hallways throughout the month of November and December.

I talked to music student Hunter Richison, who arranged a trombone quartet involving trombonists Grant Holland, Eli Annoni, Isabel Shic, and himself. He decided what songs they would play, and when they would rehearse. This became the hallway concerts that brought the Christmas spirit to school.

I asked Hunter if the students around his group’s performance created a stressful atmosphere, or if there were any difficulties while they were performing. He responded, ¨It was really fun, not super weird. The hardest part was finding a spot.¨ Students of Las Lomas probably know about the eight AM leaf blowing, which interrupted their original idea of performing in the rally court. The trombone quartet decided instead to perform in front of the office. They played for roughly thirty minutes in front of the main office. With only two rehearsals beforehand, the quartet pulled together a stunning performance. The trombone quartet is also planning on playing in downtown Walnut Creek, which is a good way to promote Las Lomas’ music progra by showing the talent of the students.

They were not graded on this project, but did this for fun and to promote their winter concerts that took place a week later. This involved the Jazz Band concert, Concert Band and Orchestra performance, and Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band performance. The groups gave little sneak peeks to the to the talent that exists in the music program. It was a nice surprise for both students and teachers. Music is known to relax and release stress, and walking into school can be tough because you are tired from the day before and then you have to sit through another day and, let’s be honest, it’s not usually fun. The quartets gave a little spice to the start of the day and made school more spirited.

Hallway Concerts may possibly be continued. Students took time from their day to prepare their instruments and to play for the pure enjoyment of their peers. It encompasses the giving mood of Christmas spirit. They did not have to receive anything physical except having fun and making other people’s days. Show gratitude for anyone you know who performed, because they did it out of the kindness of their hearts and came up with the idea themselves.

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