Luca Gero

“I think it’s an absolute tragedy,” said associate principal David Granzotto.

Sunday November 18th, Luca Gero, a 16 year old junior at Miramonte high school, died in an Orinda house fire. The fire started before 4AM and was under control by 5AM. During this time, a flashover (caused by the ignition of hot gases) made everything in the house combustible. At the time, Luca was home with an adult male and a friend while her parents were out of town. Both escaped the fire, but were left with severe burns along with an assisting fire fighter. Currently the fire is still under investigation by the district.

The community is grieving for the loss of her. “…I know that there are some students here who knew them… and it effects everybody to lose someone, especially a young person… so close to us. I think there’s a lot of ways in which we’re affected,” said Mr. Granzotto.  

But from the ashes we shall rise again, and the rebuilding process has been ongoing to preserve the memory of who she was.The school counseling office was open to grieving students on the November 19th, the Monday of Thanksgiving break (a day after her death) and a vigil was held for Luca that next Sunday on November 25th. A memorial service is was held for her at Saint Mary’s college chapel on December 9th. “…I think that as a district we are a community… the four schools are relatively so close together… when bad things happen… we the schools all back each other up,” said Mr. Granzotto. As a community we grieve together for the person that Luca Gero was, for person she is to each of us, and to the person she could have been.

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