Thank U, Next

by Ariana Stanton

Ariana Grande released a controversial, full of beef and tea, song “Thank U, Next” on November 3, and everyone was anxious to see what video she would come out with. We were not disappointed. The video is introduced by clips of famous Youtubers and singers gossiping about the controversy and rumors that Ariana Grande has gone through. One of the Youtubers, Gabi De-Martino, had been put through a lot of hate over the years of her career for trying to be like Ariana by copying her looks and her voice. In the music video, Ariana shows she is over it and doesn’t care what others are saying. On Gabi’s Youtube account she posted a vlog about her experience talking about how Ariana texted her saying, ¨Joke’s on them because now we are good. There is no beef and they will be left really confused.¨

The music begins to play and we recognize a pink book with magazine lettering on the front, imitating “The Burn Book” from the popular movie, Mean Girls. Instead, the book reads  “Thank U, Next.” Inside we see pictures of Grande’s exes and writing on the sides. In the lyrics, Ariana talks about self-love and taking a break from trying to find love in someone else. The scene shifts to a wedding where Ariana walks with a doll house and a new haircut  we recognize from 13 Going on 30. The scene plays and she wishes for something. The doll house has dust flying above it in a spiral like it does in the movie and she become Sharpay from Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. We then see a part of Legally Blonde. The whole music video follows movies where a strong female lead is portrayed, showing that Ariana does not need to be with someone to be happy and that she is working on loving herself.

If you follow celebrities’ lives, you know that Ariana has gone through a lot of heartbreak. In the first couple of lyrics she gives run throughs of all the relationships she has had, starting with Sean and how he taught her how to love. She moves on to Ricky who taught her patience, then she ends the verse with ¨even almost got married, and for Pete I am so thankful.¨ It seems to show that Pete and Ariana are on better terms and that she is really thankful for her exes. As Ariana would say, “Thank you, next.”

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