The Possession of Hannah Grace Review

by Chloe Shin

Look out for the creepy and captivating movie that just hit the seats! The Possession of Hannah Grace is the new hot movie that twists your stomach into knots and has you shivering and rubbing your arms in fear. Shay Mitchell stars as the main character, Megan Reed, who goes through the unknown in her life and fights her fears through a human creature. This creature is known as Hannah Grace, played by Kirby Johnson,  who “dies” from an exorcism performed by two priests and after her death, goes through a revival into a demon life. This movie doesn’t just portray the death and the rebirth of Hannah Grace and how Satan lived inside of her, but how Megan rises up from her trauma and her darkness and gets rid of it through this demon.

Megan Reed is a strong woman who was once a police officer and now works in the medical field as a morgue doctor. When she was an officer, she had the ability to fight anyone, keep her guard up, and being the citizen that she can be for the people, until one night when a stranger was turned against her and when he turned around, he shot her fellow officer friend. Megan couldn’t breathe, and she couldn’t get a hold of herself. Her trauma had been digging deep inside of her as she would occasionally have flashbacks of that one night. Her trauma got to her head and she couldn’t handle being a police officer anymore for her own sake. That is when she found a job in the morgue of the hospital. At first, she was okay with working with dead bodies because she believes that when people die, they die and nothing else happens, so she didn’t think much of her new job. Megan volunteered to work the night shift and she had a couple of people that she could talk to throughout the night if she got a little lonely. But after it really became dark, things started to get a little weird at the night shift when a body of Hannah Grace appears in her workspace.

Megan starts to get a little paranoid when she feels and sees the corpse breathe. Objects start to shake and fall everywhere the more she pushed the corpse back into place, and she notices that Hannah’s eyes were crystal, ice blue. Megan did not really understand at first why her work place was starting to feel funky, but she certainly did not think it was because of a dead body. Megan starts to realize that she starts to see random things, flashbacks of that one night, and she starts to feel a weird presence. Her journey throughout the night shows how she deals with pressure, stress, and most importantly, her trauma in one day. In this movie, Megan proves that a woman as strong as her can get through any circumstances no matter what the situation is. Although trauma is a horrible memory to deal with, Megan decides to rise up from pain and to fight her worst enemy. Even though a dead body coming back alive does not relate to a stranger shooting a friend, that night reveals itself to Megan as a  challenge to her mental self and her physical strength. Her journey through this incident has gotten the best of her as she struggles to breathe and hold herself together, but through some time and through some courage, she was able to accept her past and face it.

Shay Mitchell demonstrates beautiful acting skills through her emotions of fear and pursuit. Mitchell shows her character off as a strong, powerful, and a breakthrough woman as well. We cannot forget the actress that killed it all though, Kirby Johnson, plays the young teenager possessed by the demon and tries to haunt Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell). Diederik Van Rooijen, the director of this movie, does an amazing job of portraying the weaknesses and strengths of a human being especially in this horror type of situation. Rooijen also does a terrific job of displaying how mental health can really affect your life choices, your everyday life, and how you work. Sometimes in life, people go through unexpected obstacles. These obstacles are supposed to challenge you, stress you out, and test your ability to handle them in the right way. Megan Reed was the perfect example of how your weaknesses and your strengths can really come out during the right times. The Possession of Hannah Grace was a horror movie not just for the scare, but to convey the message to the world that through the toughest times and through the moments that aren’t expected to show up at your door,  it may take some time to fight the opponent or build up that one last layer of skin to protect yourself from it. Diederik Van Rooijen showed that by the end of the day, everyone is capable of facing their own demons.

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