A New Semester and a New Beginning

A new semester is on the calendar, and the previous one now resides in the history books. If we ignore our messy and procrastination-ridden past, we’ll only hold on to our mistakes and not be able to improve ourselves. Freshman Isabelle Lecha said, “I think the best part of the new semester is feeling that any mistakes you made last semester can be fixed. It gives you this new hope that things can change.”

There are many things students at Las Lomas can work on. Freshman Clement Nabeta-Osouf said, “This time going into the semester you know your teachers and their policies… It’s easier to focus on what you really need to do.” We all have our own shameful mishaps with poor test grades or lackluster projects that we waited until the last minute to complete. It would be impossible not to change after such mistakes, but how do you make these changes?

First thing’s first: listen to your teachers. Many students find the most success from using their teachers’ guidance to their advantage. Having good communication with your teachers can change everything. Secondly: write everything down! Use a planner, be creative with your notes, elaborate with answers on homework, and maybe even try writing fun reminder notes to yourself!

Studying differs from person to person. Science teacher Jason Tong said, “For studying for tests and quizzes… I would just say in general to find out what works best for you. That’s going to take some tinkering. If you tried something last semester and it wasn’t effective up until this point, then it’s probably not going to be effective.” Overall, most people can agree that studying over a long time span is the most effective strategy. Review your notes every night, do extra homework assignments for good practice, and constantly quiz yourself to make sure you understand the content you are learning.

Setting high goals for yourself is very admirable. It is important to keep these goals while still maintaining good self care. Wellness Center advisor Cheryl Stanton said, “Think about what’s happening right now in the present time and move forward. That way it gives you a fresh start and something to look forward to and not regret what has happened before.” A lack of balance between your school life and personal life can lead to a decline in your mental and physical health.

Self-improvement leads to a better tomorrow, but attempting self-perfection leads to a damaging life-time. Working hard for good grades and education is important, but you can’t beat yourself up for not being as perfect as you wish. Make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. Just keep growing.

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