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Are Airpods Worth The Hype?

You can walk around any corner and find most people wearing the semi-new Apple wireless earbuds. AirPods originally came out in December 2016, but two years later in late 2018, people started to really become obsessed with them.

AirPods are an Apple product nearly identical to the average earbuds before, but now they are wireless. Going through the school halls you will probably see that nine out of ten students have airpods in. The trend has slowly grown and many memes have been produced with phrases like, “Sorry, I don’t speak broke,” referring to those who don’t have Airpods. Of course, there is a reason they are such a big hit. They keep a long battery life, have a wide bluetooth range, and more. They are very easy to use and do not have wires to get caught or other inconveniences normal earbuds have.

But, especially since they are so popular, they are expensive. Some airpods cost nearly $160, even though they are only bluetooth earbuds. You can get them all over the web, from sites like Amazon, or in store at Costco. They are a big hit all over the country. Just last year, around 15 million Airpods were sold, and slowly more will be sold due to the sudden trend.

Students in every grade have them and are crazy about them. Many students say that they are easier to use because they’re wireless and, since they have seperate battery lives, people can use one and the other won’t die. In a recent Instagram poll of 385 Las Lomas students, around 74 percent said they have AirPods. Around 49  percent of them were freshman, 27 percent sophomores, 13 percent junior and 11 percent seniors responded saying they do have AirPods and enjoy them to the fullest. Although, those nearly 400 students don’t give enough justice to the amount of students who do have them, that just proves the popularity of these specific bluetooth earbuds. AirPods are said to be worth the money and the hype. And to everyone who doesn’t have them, yes they really don’t fall out.  

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