Walnut Creek School District sued for failure to stop Assault, Sexual Harassment

It has come to the attention of the Las Lomas Page that some of the language used in this article may be disturbing to certain individuals, as it pertains to severe sexual violence. If you read this article and are emotionally affected by the language used, you do so at your own risk.

According to the East Bay Times, parents of a former WCI student are suing the Walnut Creek School District for their failure to stop assault and sexual harassment. The Plaintiffs claim the district was “deliberately indifferent to” the girl’s harassment. It also stated that the girl’s harassment was “so severe and pervasive and objectively offensive that it deprived her of access to educational opportunities or benefits.”

According to the lawsuit, the girl was an eighth-grader at WCI when the harassment started. The girl received ¨sexually-oriented¨ texts from the boy about “what she would do to him and vice versa.” The suit alleges that the boy assaulted the girl on school grounds, and that after the assault, the boy and his friends would call her to yell insults at her.

The parents sent an email to the school officials about the assault and inappropriate text messages. The boy allegedly texted the girl that he wanted to “[take her] virginity, would rape and impregnate her so that no one else would want her.” The girl’s parents say the school was ¨inadequate¨ in responding to the claims and the girl still received sexual harassment.

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