Numb and Number

Here’s a profound discovery: It’s cold outside. We’re deep into a winter of goosebumps and runny noses. I think anybody can agree that having to stand outside in the cold is not an ideal way to spend time, especially when the sun is just peeking behind the hills. Many students, myself included, have PE or practice for sports early in the morning or late at night. As you can imagine, it’s not the best thing in the world when your body tenses up into a knot from the cold. Hands become stiff, and fingers become useless; it’s a mess. An anonymous freshman said “My hands get cold, since it’s winter, and they feel really stiff and sometimes hurt. It’s a bit of a bother.”

Naturally, when your hands go numb, it’s hard to do anything with them. Freshman Isabelle Lecha said, “There was one time in particular where I was trying to write my name after I had been in the cold for a long time, and they just barely wrote the first few letters.” Luckily, there are many solutions available if you face this problem. You can wear gloves when you go outside in the morning, you can tuck your hands into long sleeved sweatshirts or jackets, or you can put your hands on the back of your neck when they feel stiff. Until the time comes where temperatures become warm and inviting again, we have to adapt to the unforgiving chills brought by the winter.