Plane Crash on Mt. Diablo

On February 10th, 2019, an elevator repair technician was found on Mount Diablo dead due to a plane crash. Chris de Bar was 45 and loved the feeling of adrenaline. He was known by his loved ones as passionate for skydiving and racing, and was also  known for living like there was no tomorrow. He recently became a licensed pilot and bought a plane. On Friday the 8th he set off for Lincoln, CA from Hayward and sadly didn’t get the chance to make it to his destination. Due to Mount Diablo’s vegetation, no one found the plane at first. Also, since the park closes at sunset, no one was able to hear or see it when it happened. Investigators still aren’t sure what caused de Bar’s plane to crash on Mount Diablo, but they believe that the bad weather may have affected his flight. There could have also been some sort of mechanical failure, but they have not found any evidence to help figure out the mystery or how or why the plane crashed. The investigation continues, but they still have no way of knowing what truly happened to de Bar and his plane

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