Snow in Walnut Creek?

At a whopping 3,864 ft, Mount Diablo marks the highest point in Walnut Creek. With its green and yellow rolling hills and easy access trails, it is a hot spot for nature lovers. This past Sunday we had reports of no less than two inches of snow falling on Mount Diablo. This drew in many people from the Bay Area, giving the park long lines and some newfound popularity. On those snowy days you will find people (attempting) sledding, making snow angels, and even riding bikes down the snowy paths.

Temperatures hit low thirties overnight, leaving roads and trees dusted with snow. This is the first time it has snowed on Mount Diablo since March of 2017. This has been very exciting for all Walnut Creek and Bay Area residents who rarely see snow in this area. A couple days ago in Hawaii there were also record reports of snow falling in the lowest parts of Maui. In the past, snow usually hit only mountain peaks. These records were broken in Kula when snow fell in a state park at 6,200 feet. This particular State Park has never seen snow. There are many more cities experiencing a winter wonderland, too, shocked by the snow falling from the sky. More cold weather is predicted to come throughout February and March.