Caught in a LoopMail

You know that little envelope icon you see when you go to your School Loop portal? For the few people who don’t know what this is, this is called LoopMail. This is School Loop’s own little version of email, used as a communication platform between students, teachers, and staff. Sophomore Audrey Allen described it as “an easy way to contact teachers and receive important emails about information that’s all in the SchoolLoop app.” Many teachers use this to have reliable communication with their students at any place and time. LoopMails often consist of information about upcoming tests, online documents for homework assignments, a quick heads up that the teacher will be out sick, and much more.

Unfortunately, not everybody uses this helpful tool to their advantage. I’m guilty of this myself, as I’m horrible with responding to people, and I’ve found this poor habit to be inconvenient in many situations. I’ve missed many important announcements from my teachers on LoopMail and I often rely on my parents to fill me in on what they read from my messages. I know I’m not alone in this, as I’ve seen many of my teachers having to repeat what they’ve already said on LoopMail to the class during the following days.

Luckily, many students know how to use these helpful opportunities thrown their way. Freshman Andrew Martinez Cabrera said, “It saved my grade once. It was a mishap with my online math homework, and it made me get a 70% on the online homework despite me getting it right. So I emailed my teacher, and he gladly fixed it, and I got an A.”

If you haven’t been taking advantage of this, please do! I’m telling that to myself as much as I’m telling that to you. Having good communication with your teachers and the Las Lomas community is essential for being the best Knight you can be. Don’t sleep on the important things your teachers have to say and always stay in the loop.

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