Chromebooks for All

For two years now, Las Lomas High School has given Chromebooks to the freshmen. They are taught how to use them and learn to rely on them. At the end of the year, the school takes them back, and the Chromebooks are given to the new incoming freshmen the next school year.

This leaves the sophomores, juniors, and seniors with no Chromebooks. This year teachers asked their students to “bring their own device,” which means that all students are highly encouraged and somewhat expected to bring a Chromebook or laptop to school every day. This led to many sophomores having to go out and buy new devices for this school year since they enjoyed having a Chromebook freshman year.

However, students who do not have enough money to buy their own device are left out. The school should consider giving Chromebooks to all students or students in need of one instead of just freshmen. Many school assignments need to be done on a device, and it isn’t practical to provide only freshmen with the tools to succeed in school. It not only would be helpful for students to have Chromebooks, but teachers could also use these tools to assist them in teaching.