Shin Lim – Asian Representative for the US?

America’s Got Talent Champions has finally revealed its grand finale champion of the year: Shin Lim. Lim has come a long way from the nerves of entering the stage in front of thousands of people to performing in every sold out show around the United States.

Shin Lim is a card magician who inspires many people to chase their dreams and shows that it doesn’t hurt to reveal your talent to a bigger crowd. This Canadian-America started off by watching Youtube and derived the skill of manipulating cards with his hands and doing close-up magic tricks. An Asian-American winning AGT season 13 was already huge, so winning AGT Champions made a bigger platform, not only for him, but for Asian-Americans all over the U.S. It is not just big majority groups like whites who can make the big hot shot, but so can minorities like Asian and African-Americans. Shin Lim set an example for all the Asians out there, saying that their dreams are valid and they can make it through hard work and determination.