Women’s Soccer, NCS Round 1

The girls varsity soccer team, in the 8th seed, won their first NCS game 4-1 against the Benicia Panthers, in the 9th seed. Their next game will be on Saturday against Livermore.

The team started the first half strong, making sure they were first to the ball and using negative passes to spread the field. Las Lomas’ sophomore Grace Brown scored about four minutes in with a shot from the right side, assisted by captain and senior Ali Heitmann. Several minutes later, another Las Lomas goal off of a corner kick was called off by the referee after center defender and captain Ella Lipelt volleyed the cross in. Benicia scored about halfway through, tying the game. Despite Benicia’s physicality and tough calls from the ref, the Knights played one of the best halves of their season and ended with a score of 1 to 1. Stats show a total of 11 Las Lomas shots on goal.

The second half began with a breakaway and shot by freshman Alessandra Towle that missed just inches to the right. Two minutes later, she scored from the ten yard line with a left-footed shot that sailed over the goalie’s head. After the Knights scored again when the goalie left the box to defend, they led the game 3-1 after seven minutes. The Panther’s goalie was injured in the scuffle and had to be removed from the field. In the meantime, a Benicia player was awarded a yellow card for talking back to the referee and the Panther’s tent blew over and broke.

Benicia earned yet another yellow card after a player kicked junior Uki Fujiwara in the chest and knocked her to the ground. Fujiwara was escorted off the field by head coach Jeremy Hull, who was given a yellow card himself in the process.

Senior and team captain Tara Bradley scored off a penalty kick minutes before the final whistle after a foul in the box. The player who fouled was given a yellow card.

The game ended in the pouring rain with a final score of 4-1 with goals by Grace Brown, Alessandra Towle, Uki Fujiwara, and Tara Bradley. The Lady Knights proudly eliminated Benicia from NCS and are all very excited to play on Saturday.

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