Acalanes District Approves New Homework Policy

On February 20th, the Acalanes Governing Board held a regularly scheduled board meeting. Of the many topics discussed, one of them was a new homework policy. The policy had been proposed earlier on February 6th. During this most recent meeting, the Governing Board voted unanimously in favor of the new policy. The new policy will not go into effect until the 2019-2020 school year.

In this new policy, teachers must clearly state the importance and relevance of the homework being assigned. Teachers are also expected to announce assignments in class and to post them to School Loop no later than 4pm that day. Teachers are able to adjust the homework to be more appropriate for a student’s individual needs. Students are expected to do about two hours of homework per night. No extra homework will be assigned during finals week. And homework will not be due on weekends or immediately after school breaks, allowing students to spend time with family.

The exception to these changes are Advanced Placement, or AP, classes because they are dictated by the College Board. Although, AP assignments over the summer must be pre-approved by the school principal.

The full document for the new homework policy can be found at the Acalanes District website under Governing Board Meetings and Agendas: