Camp Counselors

Do you remember going to fifth grade camp and looking up to your counselors? Well, now you’re old enough to be a camp counselor. Being a camp counselor has so many benefits, from getting the community service hours to making great memories and experiences. It is something that you should definitely consider doing. Applying to be a counselor is very easy and stress-free. Although different schools and camps have different application processes, with Camp Sempervirens in Santa Cruz the process starts with sending an email to the counselor coordinator. Next, you would fill at the application, which includes needing signatures from admin, the attendance office, your guardians, and your teachers. The applications also call for a little explanation of yourself and basic medical information. Being chosen to be a counselor has many factors one including how many people signed up that year.

Being a counselor is very exciting and a great learning experience for the students and you, although there are some challenges that come with it. Here are a couple tips and tricks to make sure you have the best experience possible:

  • Pack lots of sweatshirts and layers: it can get very cold and you want to be comfortable
  • Bring some type of game for the kids when there is down time. Having games in mind like Black Magic and Green Glass Door are also really good ways to keep them focused
  • Make sure they know where your boundaries are
  • Don’t be afraid to get the teacher or camp staff if you need guidance; you do not always need to handle matters on your own
  • Your fellow counselors are there if you need help, especially if you need someone to watch your cabin while you go to the bathroom or change
  • Give each of the kids a number and have a sound off to keep track of how many kids are present and if there are any kids missing
  • Bring lots of food for your off time without the kids
  • Read a story or practice meditation before bed to calm the campers down
  • Get to know them from the start. The campers will feel more of a need to behave if you have bonded with them
  • Be patience with them! They are young and away from home and may act out differently