Issue 5 Magazine News

Finals Week Schedule Change

For many years at Las Lomas, finals have always happened the week after students return from winter break. Next year, however, this will change. The school schedule at the Acalanes Union High School District, including Las Lomas, will change, with school starting at an earlier date so that finals will take place before winter break, instead of afterwards. This change will make the school year start on August 13th, instead of August 20th –starting a whole week earlier than it has in the past. The summer of 2019 will be shortened by a week, but the summer will be of normal length at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, and in following years. 

The finals schedule and the change has been a topic of discussion among students for years. For many students this new schedule change will be a relief, and they have been anticipating this change. Annalise Anderson, a 10th grader, said she believes it will “…make school go much smoother…,” stating that would give students ease and peace of mind over break. “You get [finals] out of the way, no need to worry about them.” An 11th grader, who prefers to remain anonymous, said, “…[the schedule change] will open up my break, so I can do things without having to worry about studying…,” going on to state that even though it will get rid of the extra time to study and the “dead week,” (the week that happens before finals where nothing is learned,) “…The benefits of the switch outweigh the negatives…”

Some students support the old schedule, however, stating that they liked the old way as it gave them time to study and get their questions answered in the long break period. A 10th grader who would rather remain anonymous said that they liked the older schedule, stating that they believe that it “…gives [students] more time to study and prepare, more than you will get when the schedule changes around….” They added that they believe that the new schedule coming around will give them “…less time to work on what we need help with, and less time to prepare compared to the old finals schedule…”.

No matter the opinion, the schedule change is happening for the years or 2019-2020. As mentioned above, the change will cause school to begin one week earlier than it normally does, which in turn will shorten the summer for 2019, but will go back to normal in the following years.