How To Train Your Dragon 3

Dreamworks Animation surprises and captivates us once again with the last movie to end the series of How To Train Your Dragon. Director Dean DeBlois does an amazing job with the plot and focusing a little bit more on Toothless. Not only does Toothless learns how to flirt and find a white sparkly beauty, he starts to learn how to be more independent without Hiccup. As the whole village tries to find the new hidden world that they only knew as a myth, they come across an enemy that tries to take Toothless’ lover, the white Light Fury, and the enemy tries to take all the dragons of the hidden world before Hiccup’s village does. This new film is charismatic and shows the deep emotions between Toothless and Hiccup’s relationship. The journey that they both go through and the hard lessons that they both learn is not heartbreaking, but sadly the truth. As Astrid tries to be the best partner as she can and the cute moments that make people swoon is adorable. This third movie makes the connections between Hiccup’s family, Astrid, the village, and the dragons. DeBlois grabs people by their hearts and makes everyone smile by the end.