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Love Horoscopes

Aries: This month, for those of you who are single, you will get an excellent opportunity to meet someone interesting with similar interests as you! You will most likely meet this person through a friend of yours.  However, your enthusiastic personality might get the best of you, so make sure you get to know this person more before committing to anything.

Gemini: Going back to someone you’ve been interested in before is going to come after you this month.  You two will keep a great and long conversation thanks to your talkative and fun personality.  Things will go well and you can’t wait to talk to them, hang out with them, and receive a text from them. It’s important for you to spend time with them while time goes by, because you’re likely to have a feeling of love this month.

Leo: This is your month to fix any mistakes you’ve made in any past relationship, and to clear up any misunderstandings. Even though your kind and big-hearted personality is loved by many, you may get a little too attached, and it might affect your schoolwork.  This month might be a little hectic for your love life, and even though things might seem all right on the surface, deep down you will not be satisfied with how things are going. So make sure to open up a little more!

Scorpio: Love is going to take a turn for you this month, and will bring a new meaning to your life. Don’t rush this love, because it might scare your love interest. Although, this is the perfect month to commit to things and will be a great opportunity to spend quality time with them. Though, towards the end of the month personal issues may get in the way after forcing a few arguments with being a little too resentful.

Sagittarius: You may be a little frustrated because you’re not finding someone right away, despite your best efforts, and your impatience might get the best of you.  However, it’s good that you give the straightforward side of you a break, and chill for a little bit. Midway through the month, you will meet a truly amazing person who’s just as adventurous and wholesome as you are.  This will make you emotionally satisfied, which is a good way to end the month.

Aquarius: A certain someone will shower you with attention this month! Take things slow, but use this opportunity to discover the many things you two have in common. This month will be a very productive and significant one.  When you are struggling the most, this person will have your back through thick and thin and keep you happy.

Taurus: Your reliable and dependable personality will for sure have your back this month.  Someone will acknowledge this positive trait of yours, and will show interest in you.  You will have many opportunities to strengthen your relationship with this person. However, don’t let your possessive side get to you and ruin the relationship.

Cancer: This is the month where you’ll finally get the guts to express your feelings towards the person you admire. This person will admire you, specifically for your loving and creative personality. The relationship will run smoothly and will become one of the best things happening in your life. It will make you exceedingly happy. Make sure you don’t become too jealous when this person talks to others. Be sure to trust them.

Virgo: Romance is calling for you this month and you can’t wait any longer. You may feel the need to change how you act or how you look for this person, but that is something  to avoid. Recently you’ve had some trouble with a past relationship, and you might want to rush into a new one.  This is a sign that you should take some time for yourself.  A brand new relationship will spark, one that you’ll truly enjoy, so don’t rush and try to keep it stable.

Libra: Your charming personality will attract many, but you are only interested in one person. Either one of you will confess your feelings towards each other, which might take your friendship to a new level. You will become more aware of yourself this month, which will allow you to go through a self-discovery process, where you will make a few adjustments to begin compromising a little more and adjust your attitude to click with your person of interest.

Capricorn: This month may be stressful and complicated for you, and some problems may surface in the beginning of the month. Though towards the end of the month you will unexpectedly find someone who fits your requirements for a perfect partner. Don’t let your shy side get to you though, and be sure to make interesting conversation with your special someone!

Pisces: Keeping your feelings under wraps or going super slow may be the best choice for you this month. This month you will be looking more deeply into your own feelings and focusing on them, making them a priority.  You will be much happier with someone else once you’re happier with yourself.  Then, there will be someone happily waiting for you.