Goat Yoga is a recent trend that has swept across the nation. Studios have popped up all over the United States, and it turns out it’s exactly what it sounds like. As a goat lover, I knew that I had to join this trend and see what goat yoga is all about. The company I booked my class through was The Original Goat Yoga, which has studios across the country. I signed up for a two hour retreat, which included a short hike with the goats, 45 minutes of yoga, and then 45 minutes of free time, which cost $50 in total.

The retreat took place in Morgan Hill, which is about an hour and fifteen minute drive from Walnut Creek. Once I got off of Highway 101, I drove on a windy paved road for about 20 minutes until we reached the bottom of the retreat property. There was a choice of driving up the dirt road in a shuttle, provided by the company, or to drive up yourself. When we got to the top of the hill, nine Nigerian Dwarf Goats came running around the corner to greet us, and we fed them berries, given to us by the employees. There were a couple full grown goats, which were about 50-60 pounds, and younger ones that weighed about 40 pounds. First we went on a 20 minute hike while the goats trotted alongside us. Then we returned to the “Yogarage,” a three-sided room that was open and faced a gorgeous view of the surrounding hills and trees. The class was led by the owner of the business, who has been a yoga instructor for twenty years, but was more focused on the goats rather than yoga. There were buckets of hay scattered throughout the room so the goats could snack. Throughout the class, goats would walk around and jump on people’s backs while they were in table top or child’s pose. After yoga, we got to hang out with the goats and drink tea. I would definitely recommend Goat Yoga to anybody who loves goats and is looking for a once in a lifetime experience. The staff was delightful, and the goats seemed to enjoy their job. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had, and not to mention, the goats were adorable!