Josh James Clothing Line

Las Lomas local clothing line designer Josh James has been dedicated to fashion since he was a kid. Today, in a blue jean jacket lined with red fur and stylish patches, he describes his journey from a beginner fashionista who used to dress his mom to a developing apparel creator and producer. His eyes light up as he describes the days when he was in seventh grade and learning to sew, “When I finally got into a sewing class and got to touch a sewing machine for the very first time, I thought, ‘This is what I want to do.’ It felt so exhilarating, letting my creativity flow. Having control over this machine makes me kind of powerful.” Since then, James’s love for fashion and clothing has expanded and he’s aiming high for a future in the New York Fashion Show with everyday women as models. For his current clothing lines James uses a consistent decade theme, currently working on a 90’s theme similar to Destiny’s Child’s. Although clothing design is his passion, he still struggles with balancing school and home life along with meeting his clothing drop date deadlines. As he has learned more from being an entrepreneur, he shares advice for any up and coming creators,“Keep everything organized. I didn’t keep everything organized, and there was fabrics all over my room, and my sewing machine was constantly breaking. I didn’t know how to schedule what time I should be sewing. I’d be selling while I should be doing homework …but if I gave any advice to upcoming people trying to also put out a line: definitely publicize yourself and get your word out; I feel like that’s the hardest thing to do.” James is currently working on a website now and continues to expand his own knowledge along with his clientele. If you are interested in clothing or want to support James, you can find him on instagram @joshjamesclothing.