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Torsap Thai Review

When you first walk in to Torsap Thai Kitchen, you are greeted by friendly staff that will seat you right away and give you menus, then they give you plenty of time to look over their lengthy menu. Their menu is filled with various starters, refreshing salads, soups, wok and grilled goods, noodles, rice, and many sides.  The atmosphere has transformed from the previous eatery, Sunol Ridge, to the modern yet traditional look of Torsap Thai Kitchen.

After looking over the menu I was unsure what to order, so I asked the waiter. He recommended the Vegetable Crispy Roll, Mixed Vegetables, Yellow Curry, and a cup of Tom Yum Soup with Chicken. The Vegetable Crispy Rolls came first, priced at $12. The flavor of the rolls burst, as they melt and crunch in your mouth when paired with the sweet and sour sauce. The  rolls are filled with glass noodles and shiitake mushrooms, wrapped in rice paper, with lettuce and sweet and sour dip on the side. $12 is a little expensive for the portion size as you get 8 pinky-sized rolls. Also priced at $12, the mixed vegetables are served with a side of jasmine rice. The flavor is nothing special, as they are just sauteed in oyster sauce.  The Yellow Curry, priced at $13 and also served with a side of jasmine rice, had good flavor and wasn’t too thick or watery, which I liked, but the potatoes were a little too much for me, as I was fishing to find the chicken. It was yummy to combine the mixed vegetables with the yellow curry and rice. Lastly, the Tom Yum soup arrived and I was surprised to find that I actually liked it. I do not like soups with fish, but this one priced at $8 had a hot and sour base with lemongrass, galangal, mushroom tomatoes and added prawns to my excitement. The soup was very flavorful, both sour and sweet. The cup was pretty big, compared to cups of soups found at other restaurants for the price. 

In the end, the portions sizes were a little overpriced, but everything from the service to the quality and presentation was splendid. The atmosphere for the restaurant was fitting and versatile for anytime of day you choose to go. They played pop hits, and although it was a little loud for the amount of people in the restaurant, it fit the large bar that they have. Overall, I would dine in or take out Torsap Thai again.