Issue 5 Magazine Opinions

Why Wasn’t the Schedule Changed Sooner?

As many students may know, this was the last year where the fall finals happened after winter break. I’ll give you a second to let out a sigh of relief. When students come back from a shortened summer, the finals will take place before winter break starts, instead of after like in past years. This change will cause the summer (of this year only) to be shorter than it would typically be but will go back to normal in the following years. Now that the facts are out of the way, I think we can all agree that this is a much better situation than what students here at Las Lomas were subjected to for a long time. This new schedule change solves so many issues, and in the end leaves many students, such as myself, asking why they didn’t change the schedule earlier? 

    There are very few pros to the old schedule but, since I like to see myself as a glass half full kind of guy, I’ll take a second to look at the upsides of the old schedule before diving into the cons. How does the old schedule benefit students? As it turns out, it doesn’t. When trying to defend the old finals schedule, only one thing comes to mind. That one thing is the fact that students get two whole weeks to prepare, and the dead week to talk to teachers. In theory, this is good, as it allows students to get more time to prepare than they will get with the new schedule, letting them get their questions out of the way, and making sure they have ample time to study. Of course, this idea is only useful in theory, since there are very few students who willingly want to take advantage of this time, and who can blame them? It is called winter break for a reason; this is a time for kids not to have to worry about school, not to mention during the holiday season. Having finals after winter break instead causes kids to stress about their upcoming finals, so they end up needing to make sure they stay focused on schoolwork for at least half of the break. These are all issues that the schedule change can fix.

    With the upcoming schedule change kids will not worry about the upcoming finals and in turn, have more open breaks. The new schedule will free up kids’ breaks, allowing them to do more with their two weeks instead of having one week of break and one week of finals preparation. With the new schedule, the only things students will have to worry about is their performance and final grades. Which, admittedly is pretty scary, but you can’t have everything. 

Even though the old schedule may have had some benefits, none of them were provided a good enough reason to beat the idea of a schedule change, something we have been asking for for a long time. The schedule change goes into effect next year, bringing a shorter summer with it (only for next summer of course), but in return giving many students relief and freedom to enjoy their whole break. While this updated schedule should have been there from the beginning, it’s nice to see it finally put into effect, and now we need to wait and see if it was worth the wait.