Issue 5 Magazine Sport

The Track Star Twins

By Hermela Desalegne

For senior twins Timmy and Taylor Weidinger, track has been their sport since their freshman year at Las Lomas. Through hard work and determination, they have broken records for the track team and won many of their meets. Colleges have been scouting these twins. “I’ve gotten some offers from colleges and I’m really excited,” said Timmy Weidinger. His sister, Taylor, added, “I’m happy that colleges are looking because that means that [our] hard work for the past four years have payed off.” 

As far as doing track in college, the twins are definitely on the same page. “I definitely plan on doing in track in college; I couldn’t imagine myself not doing it,” said Timmy. Both of them attend their daily track practices and train tirelessly. “My brother and I practice together about three to four days a week with our coach in the off-season to stay in shape and get ready for track,” said Taylor. The love, time, and hard work they put into track is shown in their success. 

The track coaches have invested their time and effort into these twins to come out with these amazing results. Taylor and Timmy are and will forever be thankful for how their coaches have pushed them to the limit, and not given up on them. Training seven days a week, working out, running miles, blood, sweat, and tears have made the twins the track stars they are today. They are both are glad to see that colleges have acknowledged their hard work, and want them for their schools. It shows by the way they compete at their meets, to not only make their coaches, and Las Lomas, proud, but, themselves proud as well.