Issue 5 Magazine Opinions

Valentine’s Day: Did it Really Deserve the Hype?

February 14th is the day where two people can express their love by showering their partner with gifts and cards. It is commonly believed that Valentine’s Day was started by the Hallmark Company and does not really have any cultural significance. Personally, I believe Valentine’s Day is overrated and unnecessary. Valentine’s day is widely celebrated all over campus. Although it is meant for couples, even elementary school kids celebrate it even though they aren’t in a relationship. This “special day” is reserved for people who are in a romantic relationship, and causing people who are not in one to feel left out; it is not a special day for them. Although some people celebrate with their friends, it is still not considered the point of the holiday. I know that seeing one couple with flowers and gifts while holding each other’s hands can be quite annoying and cheesy, but looking at mushy couples all day is exhausting. 

In addition for all the single people feeling singled out, why is there only one day where couples have to express their love to each other? If two people truly love each other, they should express their love for each other more often rather than giving each other gifts on one day. Materialistic things like chocolate and flowers are not really that important, words of affirmation count more. Confessing your love and adoration to your partner more than that once will make your partner very content. It should not be a special day of the year for couples. In a relationship, communication is more important that giving materialistic items. 

Valentine’s Day is tacky. It is expected to be an over the top day for people, and some people make a big deal if it is not over the top. People buy huge bouquets of flowers which are not convenient for anyone, especially walking around during the school day. The huge teddy bears are even worse. Who wants to lug around something that big all day?

In conclusion, as people living in 2019, there are already so much we have to pay for. Everyone spends so much money on birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, and many more occasions. Now, people who are in relationships are obligated to spend even more money on materials that will not last for a very long time. You have to provide your partner gifts and maybe even dinner reservations, but we all know how painful and difficult it is to make reservations.  Some people can still celebrate, but it is just an excuse for companies to make a profit and for people to purchase useless gifts.