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Young Talent Shines on Girls’ Basketball

The Las Lomas Girls Varsity Basketball team (6-20, 2-8) beat the Campolindo Cougars twice, 72-51, on January 14th, and 52-38 on February 5th. This was the first time in 14 years the Las Lomas Girls Varsity Basketball team beat the Cougars. “We all came together and there was great energy, it was a truly special moment,” said senior Alejandra Ruiz. “The best thing about that game was that we played together and with heart,” sophomore Rose Morse added. 

The team this year has young talent such as Morse, Kaya Toor, Isabela De La Cruz, and Summer Delehanty. “Seeing Rose, Kaya, Isabela, and Summer play is great because you can really see they love the game and they are going to do great things for the program,” said Ruiz. The team has ten players on their roster, four of them being seniors. Morse, a sophomore had a promising freshman season averaging 11.9 points per game the second most on the team and averaging the most assists on the team. Currently this season, Morse averages the most points, with 19.6 points per game. De La Cruz averages the second most points with 10.2 points per game. 

This is the fourth season in a row where the Las Lomas Girls Varsity Basketball team has played under a different head coach. “Having four different coaches has been difficult because we have not only had to learn four different offenses and defenses, but have also had to get accustomed to four different coaching methods,” said Ruiz. Last years coach, Sean Hisaka led the team to a 14-13 record and a 7-3 record in league. Unfortunately then Hisaka and Las Lomas parted ways. This year the Knights brought in Marvin Delos Santos. Delos Santos comes from one of the top girls basketball programs in California, Miramonte High School. Delos Santos also comes from coaching an elite club basketball program in the Bay Area, “Cal Stars.” His daughter, Keana Delos Santos, currently plays basketball at Utah Valley State. His another daughter, Amerika Delos Santos, who is a junior playing basketball at Miramonte. “Marvin has brought enthusiasm and determination to the team. He has pushed us constantly to strive for more. If we can get Marvin to stay I know that we will have a strong program,” said Ruiz. Although this wasn’t the season the Girls Basketball team was looking to have, there is a bright future coming. Morse will be a junior next season. De La Cruz will be a sophomore, and Toor will find herself in a starting role next season. Delos Santos brings much knowledge to their program coming from one of the best high school programs in California for girls basketball. If they can get him to stay this will help rebuild the program and allow the girls to get comfortable under one head coach.