Issue 6 Magazine Women's History Spread

Faith Spencer: Female Leader

by Molly Scanlon and Kylia Blackstock

What is your role in the Black Student Union?

“I’m the BSU president. I do all of our events, topics and meetings, presenting our ideas and what we want to do with leadership.”

What do you advocate for, and how do you support BSU?

“I advocate for the students to have a safe space, to feel comfortable in their skin. I do that by making sure that if the kids are having a rough week and want to have a space to go and talk to each other or listen to music, they can do that. We’ve had a couple of meetings where we’ve had topics ready, but it was a goofy day and everyone was having a good day and we wanted to chill… Aside from learning about  our culture and what to do in situations, it’s having a space to feel comfortable, relax and let loose.”

What are your goals for BSU?

“I want BSU to be taken seriously. I also want people to understand why it’s a thing at all. I want all the kids to feel comfortable and I just want there to always be a room of comfort that way they have a safe space. That’s my main focus.”

Do you want similar goals for society as you do for BSU?

“I feel like we’ve been fighting to hundreds of years for equality and everyone being seen the same. I want to advocate for them and I want people to see that.”

What changes do you want to see regarding sexism and equality for all women? 

“I think that everyone should be viewed equality. If people feel they are different or anything like that, they should just be able to do them.”

What does the word feminism mean to you?

“I think the word feminism is really important. Men and women, there is no difference between us and we should all be looked at the same  no matter our physical structure. I think we should all be treated equal because there should be no difference.”