Issue 6 Magazine Women's History Spread

Las Lomas Feminist Society

The Las Lomas Feminist Society meets every Friday in room 516 to discuss and debate issues under the umbrella term of feminism. The club is fairly recent and has been running for three years now, founded and headed by Zoe Larkin and Caroline François. The club generally meets and watches powerpoints prepared by one of the members, followed up with a debate or conversation about the aforementioned issues. In the Feminist Society, every month is dedicated to learning about, discussing, and shedding light on women’s history and feminist issues.

The Feminist Society at Las Lomas acts as a place where students can voice their opinions, thoughts, and feelings on the important feminist topics that don’t come up in day to day life, and instead are focused on in the club’s presentations, all in a supportive space. As Larkin puts it, “We need a community on campus where we can discuss important socio-political issues that may not be in the forefront of our minds… We try to talk about issues that you don’t normally talk about in day to day life.” Françious added, “It’s important to have a safe space for discussion…” 

For Women’s History Month, the Feminist Society doesn’t do many things different, because to them, women’s history shouldn’t be constrained to one single month. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to do something special for it, outside of their club specifically. Despite this, the club has never got their wish. According to Larkin, “We would love to do more outreach activities…”, but the club has never been approached by leadership to host any out of club activity on campus. In fact, they aren’t sure that leadership has done anything at all. Larkin continues, saying that, “…in the past [we have] done things for other weeks, like feminist game show, but that’s more for CARE week, not Women’s History Month…” François also chimed in, stating that, “I don’t believe leadership has done anything for Women’s History Month, that could be wrong, but I don’t think they have done anything directly.” Besides putting up posters, leadership has not been active in holding any on campus activities for Women’s History Month. Finally, François and Larkin believe that other schools should definitely focus more on not only Women’s History Month, but women’s history in general. For the Feminist Society, every month is Women’s History Month, and they want Las Lomas and surrounding schools to take up this idea as well, and have the school devote more time and activities to the month of Women’s History Month.  “…[We] think that we should definitely devote more time. I believe that in class, we often won’t talk about women’s history… and I know many teachers try to include women and minorities, but I believe it often gets overshadowed… It would be great if the school put more focus on Women’s History Month and women’s history in general, not just in March…”