Issue 6 Magazine News

Las Lomas Football Foundation

Like every other American school, Las Lomas uses the football team to encourage school spirit. It’s hard to walk around campus in the fall without seeing signs on lockers to “buck the broncos!” or posters urging everyone to wear a certain color or shirt in order to support the team. At the games, cheerleaders rally the fans in the bleachers and the band plays for every milestone in the game.The crowd of students, swaying in the bleachers with their matching outfits and face paint, strikes fear into the opponents with their sheer numbers (and condescending chants). 

If you step back and consider it, the whole scene is pretty impressive. It’s quite a feat to convince this many students, many of whom can barely find the endzone, to stand in the cold wind on Friday nights when they could be binging Netflix from the comfort of their homes. 

How does this happen? Although leadership is mainly in charge of school spirit with the cheerleader’s and band’s help, the machine-like efficiency of the football team didn’t happen overnight. Most of it can be attributed to football’s own funding program: the Las Lomas Football Foundation. 

Last issue, an article on sports funding incorrectly stated the district helps provide the team with football gear. While it’s true that the Acalanes School District is required to replace helmets to ensure they’re up to standard, the Football Foundation covers pretty much everything else. For example, the Football Foundation raised money in order to buy the inflatable football helmet that the players run through every home game.

The Football Foundation and Las Lomas Boosters are the two major programs that contribute to sports funding. Both of them were briefly touched on last issue. For more information, stay tuned for upcoming issues of The Page.