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Look Out for This Up and Coming Brand

High school is a busy time for teenagers. We have school, work, sports, and other extracurricular activities. For some people it is hard to find time for hobbies, but Joe Peters, a junior at Las Lomas, has taken on the challenge of being a business entrepreneur of the clothing brand, Juvenile, that is spreading fast and is very successful. 

As a kid, Peters always felt creativity running through his veins and wanted to put his ideas into the world.“Since six grade, I’ve known I wanted to make a clothing brand, but I didn’t really do anything about it… Last year I realized that if I want to do it, I need to start [now] so then I really got into graphic design, and now I’m just trying to continue it.” 

Peters taught himself how to create unique graphic designs for his clothing line with YouTube and Adobe Illustrator. He creates different products including T-shirts, and drawing on shoes andjeans.

Although he hasn’t sold anything yet, Peters is working diligently to market the brand and get a website up to start selling on March 25. Peters says he mainly markets through his Instagram, Additionally, he did a shoot with a rapper, El Niño, who has 60,000 followers, so that Juvenile could be seen by more people.

Creating your own clothing brand and managing it all is a huge and difficult task. However, Peters says he does graphic design because it’s a fun way to express his creativity. Peters is so passionate about what he does that makes all the long hours and hard work worth it. 

Despite the obstacles Peters has to face, he continues to persevere. When creating shirts, he uses a screen printer to make the designs. It took him a while to get the screens to come out correctly. He would mess up over and over again but finally figured out the process to create a good, consistent product. “There are always issues you’re not expecting. Always giving yourself more time and patience is honestly the most important thing.” This motto is something that all teenagers can follow when working towards a goal. With his positive attitude and creative mind, there is no doubt that Peters’ brand, Juvenile, will continue to thrive.