Issue 6 Magazine Sport

Stunt Cheer: Tough Schedule

With Spring sports now taking place, one of the sports you don’t hear about a lot on campus is Stunt Cheer. Stunt Cheer is where you see all the competitions. “Stunt is more competition and having that adrenaline to make sure everything’s perfect. Sideline cheerleading is focused on getting involved with the crowd and cheering on your team,” said senior captain Destyn Morales. 

I had the chance to speak with Las Lomas junior Rachel Ilie, and ask her some questions about stunt cheer. When I asked her what us outsiders, or fans should expect out of this season, this is what she had to say: “Well a lot of outsiders think that this is sideline cheer, which is annoying because it’s nothing like that. They don’t know that we actually compete and they probably think it’s a joke. I hope they expect for us to win, though.” Ilie has high expectations for her team this season, and she’s not holding back at all on what she wants to get accomplished and what she wants to see from her team. “A successful season is for us to win a lot of games. We are trying to make it to NCS, but we don’t know how that will turn out. And also not just winning but making sure that everyone wants to do it and succeed as a team.” Just like any other sport, stunt takes practice — long hard hours of practice. This is what Ilie explained to me when I asked her about the schedule. “It’s pretty tough because we have practice Monday through Thursday. Practice is usually from 6-8 and 5:30-7:30. Then we have two games on Fridays. It’s pretty tough and it takes a lot of time.” 

 Stunt Cheer has a tough schedule this season, competing against all Division 1 schools. Their current record is 2-4, but the team expects to pick up the intensity and start collecting some wins. They will have tough competitions against Clayton Valley and Concord, but are confident in what can happen. They did lose to Clayton Valley recently, but that does not determine the outcome of the full season. This should be a very exciting and competitive season from our Stunt Cheer program.