Issue 6 Magazine Opinions

The Sport of Funding

Football is life. So why would anyone criticize the giant, inflatable football helmet that our league-winning football team bought for the players to make a grand entrance through. Many students at Las Lomas come from well-off families. Walnut Creek boasts a .94% poverty level compared to the 12.3% nationwide. A large percentage of the students have lived here their entire lives around a downtown filled with restaurants and shops, and have gone through a school system that is amazing compared to other school systems in the nation. However, recent rumors that Las Lomas High School is too focused on sports instead of focusing on what the institution of school was originally meant for: learning, abound. Many parents and teachers have complained about the school spending money on things such as the inflatable football helmet the football team purchased for the team to run out of. However, many of these things that are said are said by people who don’t know what is going on at the school. Las Lomas not only doesn’t focus on sports at a exaggerated amount, but instead should focus on sports more to TURN UP the energy of the school year round. 

Often, people run their mouths on issues they have no knowledge about the facts of the actual issue. Recently the football team has been getting a lot of criticism for spending a estimated amount of $3.5k – $8k on a humongous inflatable football helmet that players can run out of to make a stance on home territory during the football games. Many parents, including teachers, have blamed the football team for spending the school budget on this inflatable instead of spending this amount of money for things such as new books, computers, and other items for school. However, often, people do not understand how Las Lomas sport teams earn their money to spend on things such as equipment. Team members are often encouraged to go door-to-door with other teammates raising money for their specific team. Not only does this money not come from the school budget, but students raise money to buy things the team wants and needs. This money is also not available to be used by the actual education department as it directly goes to keep the students safe, viable, and fun for everyone participating.  

Similar to other schools, Las Lomas High School does focus a large percentage of their attention on high school sports. However, Las Lomas, not similar to other schools, doesn’t focus on sports as much as other major schools who produce as many graduates that play in the next level. Many high schools have weekly rallies during the football and basketball season, and a slower paced ending toward the spring time where a majority of important testing usually takes place. This allows for students to focus when necessary but have fun and be engaged in the school day throughout the entire year. These rallies don’t cost much to produce and can bring the entire Las Lomas community together allowing students to enjoy their school day and have a happy attitude towards school.