Underclassmen on Baseball

by Hermela Desalegne

Two sophomores on varsity baseball, Evan Devine and Justin Pendery, were not only on varsity as a freshman but have proved themselves good enough to make varsity again as sophomores. Pendery said, “Because I’m on varsity we train a lot, which helps us get stronger for our games.” Devine had something similar to say: “We practice three hours a day to work on our sprints, catches, and swings mainly”.  

Both Devine and Pendrey play three to four innings a game, which is a lot to be playing as a sophomore when there are other upperclassmen on the team. Pendery and Devine have grown and gotten better since their freshman year. Being on varsity has pushed them to be the best they can be. Pendrey and Devine said, “Since freshman year, the strength in our swing have gotten a lot stronger.”