Issue 6 Women's History Spread

Women in our Administration Q & A

The women of our school’s administration are an integral part of Las Lomas daily life. From making the schedules to representing the school as our principal, the women in our staff work hard every day to make Las Lomas a better place. In this issue, we interviewed several members of our staff to unveil the struggles they faced to get where they are today and what Women’s History Month means to them.

How do you relate to Women’s History Month?

 I enjoy it, but like any warranted cause, it would be nice to get to the point where celebration is no longer.– Marilyn Lewis-Hampton

When I was in elementary school, I enjoyed reading biographies about notable women in history…and when I was in college, I assisted a psychology professor who researched the attributes of a number of the First Ladies…I cheered when the women overcame obstacles related to gender equality…and took to heart that women are equally able to do anything men can do. – Anneliest Pearce

I do not. – Dawna Huff

Have you ever had an issue with equal pay?

Oh yes. I was told by a superior, a male and the sole income earner in his family, that I didn’t deserve a raise because my husband and I made more than he. – Hanalee Washburn

No, if I did the same job I got the pay. Also, it is never good to discuss salary with co-workers.– Dawna Huff

What challenges have you faced in your career as a woman?

 In radio broadcasting, there was much more gender bias and limited career options for women.  There was also a lot more sexual harassment, at least at that time I worked in the industry which was the early 1980s. Times have changed! – Marilyn Lewis-Hampton

As an engineer, I was devalued as a woman compared to my male counterparts. Often I would get a ‘well, little lady’ response from customers and even superiors.” – Hanalee Washburn

What do you wish young women didn’t have to deal with that you had to deal with as a child?

 Physical and sexual assault. – Marilyn Lewis-Hampton

“I am still surprised to hear young women that say their teachers are surprised that they do well in math/science. Mostly I hope that women are valued for the work they do, no matter what that work is.” – Hanlee Washburn

I wish we were past sexual harrassment. – Tiffany Benson

There were certain aspects of shame around womanhood (periods, tampons)…I’m sure that women still feel like that today and that is just ridiculous.– Olivia Siniko

If you could change one thing is society (related to feminism) what would it be?

Equality doesn’t have to come at the cost of pulling anybody down. We can bring everybody up to achieve equality.

– Tiffany Benson

The oversexualization of women is really damaging across the board. It does not support the kinds of connections I think are most healing and nurturing for human beings. – Olivia Siniko