ASB Class Officer Elections

The year seems to be coming to an end astonishingly soon, and with it, the term of our current student government. The ASB and Class Officer elections for the school year of 2019-2020 have been completed, with the following candidates as the winners: Emma Casey for ASB President, Nicky Ciotola for Vice President, Nina Go for Treasurer, Graham Rossi for Secretary, Olivia Custer for Senior Class Officer President, Taylor Davis for Vice President, Naomi Desalegne for Treasurer, and Samaya Joshi for Secretary.

A common topic they emphasized was inclusion. Nina Go explained, “Next year, I really want to focus on making the school more inclusive and accepting of all different races and all different types of people. Our school is still kinda cliquey and divided sometimes, but I feel like in the past few years that I’ve been here, Leadership has been really trying to step up their game and making activities and making activities that revolve around everyone, not just a select few groups of people. So next year, I want to expand on that and make it even better.” Taylor Davis mentioned making the most of high school as a reason for inclusion. “I think the main thing for me, and our class this year, is going to be trying to get everyone involved because it’s really cool when people will come back and say that they have these amazing high school experiences, and we want that for everyone. So just trying to get as many people at events and contributing, because that’s what makes it fun. I think high school should be fun.”

Emma Casey described an idea that might help Las Lomas students be more up-to-date with current events: “I [want] to focus more on publicity for events because I feel like there’s a lot going on, and not very many people know about it, so I’m trying to organize, right now, a Google calendar for everyone in the school that would be shared with auhsd accounts that would let people know what’s going on. In terms of Homecoming, I’ve always thought it’s been really fun every year, but I just want to emphasize — I know last year got a little bit competitive — but just emphasize it’s a whole school bonding event and just continue to do activities that include a lot of people. I know this past year was really successful because so many freshmen were involved, and I’d like to continue freshman orientation that emphasizes involvement in the school and different activities, especially Homecoming.” As Naomi Desalegne stated, this school-wide calendar would help spread awareness, too. “I really want to increase the diversity and inclusion that we have in our school, make it more aware, because I know that people are aware of it, but not as much as they should be. Since Homecoming is such a huge deal on our campus, [we should be] making more things like Care Week, International Week, more important and more talked about on our campus [as well].”

Another improvement that Emma Casey talked about was this: “I want to start with the leadership class in general, so I’m going to try to change the structure a little bit and make sure that people have more designated and organized job rules. So in terms of the committees, I want to focus a little bit more on community service projects because I thought that our book drive this year was pretty successful, and if we did more outreach for that, it could work well, too.”

All the winning candidates were thrilled to have been voted in; “I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me, and I promise I’ll do the best job I can,” said Nicky Ciotola. As Nina Go expressed, “Next school year’s going to be really fun. Me and the ASB and Leadership are going to try really hard to make sure Las Lomas is the best it can be.”