Energy Drinks vs. Coffee

For a long time, coffee has been our go-to, pick-me-up drink. However, in the recent years, people have been turning to energy drinks instead. Both beverages offer caffeine to give you a boost of energy. The debate between energy drinks vs coffee has lead to bloggers, food reviewers, and magazines expressing their opinions and “scientific facts” about which one is better.

Surprisingly, a 16 oz coffee has more caffeine than most 16 oz energy drinks. With coffee, you can drink it black and know that there are no additives, yet with energy drinks there are many ingredients such as glucose, amino acids, and artificial colors. One ingredient added to many energy drinks, taurine, has not been well-researched, and there is a possibility that it is harmful to your health. Coffee, however, has been consumed since the 18th century and is well researched.

Another point is that energy drinks contain much more sugar than regular coffee. According to Laura Subi, one Red Bull contains 26 grams of sugar, more than half of the daily recommended amount. This added sugar also increases the amount of calories in energy drinks.

Overall, energy drinks are ok to drink occasionally, but coffee is the better option. With black coffee, you receive a natural source of caffeine with less calories and no added ingredients or sugars, which, in the end, is much better for your health.