Starting Softball

As of right now, the Las Lomas varsity softball team has started off the season with no wins and five losses. No need to panic, as the team has not yet started the regular season. At this point, they have played five preseason games and have not yet played a regular season game. Now that the season is about to get underway, the softball team hopes to have a repeat of last year’s dominance, with their record of thirteen wins and six losses.

This year the varsity softball team has five freshman on varsity, so a lot of these players do not have experience playing at a high school level. So, the junior and senior players will have to mentor these freshman players to ensure that they can have a successful season. Overall, these players are going to have to play better in order for the Las Lomas varsity softball team to have a lot of success during the 2018-2019 season. The team will have to rely heavily on the players that have played on varsity before, and the freshman will have to follow the sophomores, juniors, and the seniors.