Baseball Team Can’t Catch a Break

Go out of town for spring break? Even if you went somewhere fun or exotic, you could catch the Las Lomas Baseball Team staying close to home. The boys had two games over the break and were strongly encouraged to stay in town. Senior Dylan Graham said, “We were supposed to have a game Saturday and we had a game Thursday, but those two teams were both pretty high in our division so they were pretty important games.” He continued to talk about how being present for those two games was crucial. The Saturday game was rained out, but the game on Thursday was a success for the Knights as they won 6-3 to Pinole Valley. The baseball team in ranked #50 in the state so far, making each game critical. Ashton Marks, sophomore, points out that the team’s rank affected the decision to stay in town or not, “We’re having a really good season and I think that if it was different, if we were losing a lot of games he [Coach Stephens] wouldn’t really care as much… We haven’t lost a game yet.” The Knights are really hitting it out of the park this year; see you at the ball game.