Grab Your Tissues

Lots of rain and incoming warm weather make up the perfect recipe for a high pollen count this year, so grab your tissues.

In the Bay Area, where trees and flowers are blooming in excess, this season promises to be a tough one for allergy sufferers. “The pollen is able to travel sometimes 20 miles and it is certainly being spread evenly around the county,” says allergy specialist Dr. Bruce Paterson. He recommends allergy shots, a form of immunotherapy that lessens the effects of the various pollens.

If you’re not up to that, there are other ways to protect yourself (and your credit card, namely from tissue purchases) this season. First, the pollen count is often highest in the morning, so try to stay inside as much as possible then. Keep yourself protected indoors by keeping doors shut and using air conditioning instead of opening a window to cool down, both at home and in the car. In the chance that Walnut Creek gets more rain, the air is often cleanest and free of pollen right after a heavy downpour.

Allergy relief medication can also be a lifesaver – the local CVS often stocks nasal sprays, antihistamines, eye drops, and decongestants to relieve suffering and perhaps make spring a little more enjoyable.

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