State Senate Committee Approves Bill to Ban Flavored Vapes

On March 27th, the California Senate Health Committee approved a bill to ban flavored tobacco products.  What the bill defines as a tobacco product is any product made of or from tobacco that’s made for consumption.  Vapes fall under these definitions because the nicotine in the liquid is derived from tobacco.

Walnut Creek State Senator Steve Glazer, co-sponsor of the bill, has targeted vapes because of their sweet flavors, which are added to appeal to children. “We must stop marketing these dangerous products to children,”  Glazer said.

The danger of vapes is how little is known about them compared to cigarettes. Scientists know that vapes have much more concentrated nicotine than cigarettes, but because they are relatively new, it is unknown what exactly the long-term effects of vaping are on your body.  It’s widely known that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. A 2018 study by Dartmouth University found that teens who used vapes were more likely to start smoking cigarettes.

The bill, SB 38, is scheduled for a hearing in front of the full California Senate on April 22nd.  If you want to share your opinion on the bill with our local legislators, contact Senator Glazer and Assembly member Bauer-Kahan.

Senator Glazer: (916) 651-4007

Assembly member Bauer-Kahan: (925) 328-1515