Yom Hashoah (Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust) Film Announcement

Around 70  years ago, millions of Jews were slaughtered throughout a genocide known as the Holocaust. Shattering Jewish communities, the Holocaust has impacted past generations, and continues to affect present generations. To remember its victims, Yom Hashoah occurs annually and is a day devoted to Holocaust reflection. Currently, Journalism is piecing together a film in honor of Yom Hashoah, ensuring that students are aware of the heartbreaking and pivotal event in history. As a school, we will pay not only respect to the victims of the Holocaust, but the survivors, who will be featured in the film.

After being nominated for a fellowship called the Tauber Holocaust Educator Fellowship, Ms. Miranda, AP Spanish teacher, applied and was accepted. The fellowship sponsored her trip to Israel, also covering seminar fees. In return, Ms. Miranda needed to bring a project regarding Holocaust awareness back to Las Lomas. Thus, the idea of something that would captivate students spoke clear. “It became clear to me that I wanted students and staff at LL to hear this powerful testimony,” she said. Together, she and the Journalism teacher, Ms. Anders, began brainstorming. The film will be built on information compiled by the students, who researched and turned in an essay on a topic related to the Holocaust. Presently, a small group of Journalism students are working towards scripting, interviewing survivors in our community, filming, and narrating the film. This project gives them a chance use skills vital to the process of journalism.

In addition, the film’s soundtrack will be provided by Las Lomas’s Orchestra. Through this, Orchestra students are exploring styles they hadn’t previously focused on, like jazz.

“Memory is what shapes us. Memory is what teaches us. We must understand that’s where our redemption is,” said Holocaust survivor Estelle Laughlin. It’s important to understand the weight of the Holocaust and the importance of remembering it. If you’ve taken World History, you have already learned the textbook summary of the Holocaust. To pay proper respects to the victims and survivors, come dig a bit deeper in the viewing of Journalism’s film.

Journalism will release the Yom Hashoah film to teachers a week before the day of remembrance. Students will watch the film on May 2 during Academy.