Boys JV Volleyball

As the Las Lomas Boys JV volleyball team winds down their season, their record stands at two wins and two losses . They hope to finish the season on a high note, as they have two games remaining. They will play the College Park Falcons on April 16th and then finish the season at Northgate on April 25th.  Last year, the JV volleyball team’s record was one win and four losses, so this year has already been an improvement for the JV volleyball squad.

As a volleyball team, you need to have good chemistry to set the ball for each other to gain the point, so in order for this JV squad to win, they must have really good chemistry to push for victory. At this point, the team’s two wins have been home games. Because their last two games will be played away, the team has to . Overall, the JV boys Volleyball team has played pretty well, and hope to continue that ongoing trend in the last two games of the season.