DVC: Alternative college preparation

With college quickly approaching, high school students are looking to prepare. Diablo Valley College, also known as DVC, offers beneficial programs for high school students to get college credits and explore different career fields that they enjoy or want to learn about. It offers a variety of courses, which regularly would cost $300, but is only $1 for high school students.

In the large variety of classes offered some include Animation Career Academy, Business Career Academy, Cyber Security Classes, Engineering Construction, Environmental Engineering, Health Careers Academy, and Culinary and Hospitality Classes. With all of these options, there is a class available for every person’s interest and passion. The classes all last one week during June and they are about 8 hours a day. You will earn both high school and college credits, along with new knowledge and an actual accomplishment over the summer!

To register you can go to the Las Lomas website and then the Daily Bulletin. There you will find information about the application process which includes necessary signatures and other personal questions. If you know that you will have extra time this summer, DVC offers amazing options to get something done for the future!