How to Prepare for The Most Stressful Week

Everyone dreads the thought of finals and how exhausting they can be. People panic and they eventually get close to giving up, especially with summer so close. Instead of stressing yourself out, there are so many ways to prepare for this hated week. Six or seven classes may seem too much for you to handle and to study for, but trust yourself and trust the process.

One way to prepare for finals week is to be organized. Keeping a planner or a calendar can be really helpful for these kinds of things. Keeping track of assignments and topics to study for keeps you on top of everything. In your planner, it is best to divide up each subject and study a little bit everyday. Doing this not only makes you more productive, but it also helps you obtain bits of pieces of information so it is easier to remember. Always plan ahead of time: that is the key component. Do not do everything in a short amount of time, which is stressful and not as effective.

Also, ask your mentors, peers, and teachers for help. They can provide you so much information that you may not have known about. Ask how to study and what to study for; they are teachers for a reason so they are there to help you. Ask for review sheets, study guides, and extra worksheets on topics you have a hard time understanding. These are some ways to keep yourself busy for finals week, but also not too stressful. Finals week can be a huge burden on your life and schedule, but you can definitely turn that around with a healthy outlook by organizing and planning beforehand.