More Space, More Pizza

Our local pizzeria, Pancoast Pizza, has been closed for renovations for almost three weeks now. Scheduled to reopen at the beginning of May, local Las Lomas students can’t wait to taste their famous garlic knots again. The restaurant is owned by the Pancoast family, who in three months converted a dull nail salon to a bright and warm place where not only high schoolers but also the Walnut Creek community can go for the famous mouth-watering pizza.

Ed Pancoast, the owner who is also a professional architect, spent hours designing the family friendly restaurant that opened in 2012 and has since spent hours putting love into his pizza.

Recently, the alterations store next to the pizzeria closed, and Pancoast purchased it to expand their restaurant. While the kitchen is staying the same, there will now be more seating since the current space is quite small and does not offer very much room. With all of the families, high schoolers, and hospital workers who go to Pancoast, a larger restaurant will be much more accommodating and hopefully draw more people to the pizzeria. Although we have to wait until the beginning of May for Pancoast to reopen, the results will definitely be worth it!