Volunteer and Job Opportunities for the Summer

As summer approaches, more students are considering applying for jobs and volunteer service. The question is, why volunteer?  

“Students who do volunteer work are doing it for several reasons,” said Ms. Fuller, College and Career Advisor at Las Lomas. “They’re doing it because they care about their community, which is a good thing.” The College and Career Center will be giving student who volunteer some recognition with the Volunteer Service Award.  If students volunteer 100 hours at age 16, they are recognized for the Presidential Service Award. If students have 25 hours of service, they are given the Knight’s Service Award. “And presently, I am coordinating a luncheon to recognize all the students for 2019 who turned in their paperwork. They would be recognized at a luncheon on May 16 in the Library. We’re having a pizza luncheon.”

The task of finding volunteer and job opportunities may seem daunting, but the College and Career Center is there to help with that exact thing.  “I suggest looking at the Daily Bulletin,” Fuller said. “Jobs aren’t posted there, however, we do have volunteer opportunities that are linked to that. There’s also a district website that has all of of those opportunities.” Students can look for job opportunities in the College and Career Center as well, which are listed both in the job binder and on the bulletin board outside.

Fuller added how volunteering can build one’s resumé. “I think when volunteering appears on one’s resumé, it shows prospective employers that this student was involved. Also, there are organizations that need volunteers. For example, if you went and volunteered regularly at a food pantry, the person who’s in charge of the food pantry starts to recognize the student is dependable, has a good attitude, shows up on time, and completes tasks. They will end up becoming a reference for that individual later –whether it be on a college application or a job application. It’s truly the first unpaid position that they have where they can shine.”