Earth Day

Every day should be Earth Day, but April twenty-second is just a great reminder that we are all merely inhabitants on this planet and should care for it as it cares for us. Sure, throwing away your trash in the right bin or turning off one light before you leave the house won’t save the world, but together everyone can do their part to make a difference and preserve the natural environment for the years to come.

In the spirit of Earth Day, follow these few simple steps to make sure that the footprint you leave behind helps the world rather than harms it.

Step 1: Turn It Off

Leaving electronics like computers and televisions on without actually using them simply wastes energy (and money!). Only keep devices on when actually using them, and doing easy tasks like turning the lights off when you leave a room saves power and your wallet.

Step 2: Eat Less Meat

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but cutting out or cutting back on red meat from your diet can have a significantly positive effect on the environment. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), “the production, processing and distribution of meat requires huge outlays of pesticides, fertilizer, fuel, feed and water while releasing greenhouse gases, manure and a range of toxic chemicals into our air and water.” Can’t bear to give up a good tri-tip? That’s fine! Even reducing your meat intake can still make a difference.

Step 3: Recycle More

Before you throw something away, check to see if it can be recycled instead. You could be giving a product a new life instead of leaving it in a landfill to pollute our world and endanger animals.

Step 4: Compost

Don’t want to feed yourself with that wilting salad you “accidentally” left in the back of the refrigerator? Feed the Earth! You’ll keep waste out of a landfill, create natural fertilizer, and lessen a build-up of methane gas created by waste breaking down anaerobically.

Step 5: Cut Out Plastic

It’s as simple as buying a reusable water bottle and bringing reusable bags to the grocery store. Small changes to your life can make a big difference.