Poetry Reading

On  Friday April 6, the library offered poetry reading during lunch as an activity to support Aprils month of poetry. During the 30 minute lunch period more than 20 people read poems, all of which were well received. Students were able to read some of their favorite poems to an audience of about 60 students.” The turnout was better than expected…If we had another hour, I think we would have still had students sharing poems.” Said Ms. Walfoort, the librarian at Las Lomas. The library had originally prepared for 30 people, but luckily were able to accommodate the 60 students who spent their lunch listening and reading poetry. About a week or two before the event, Ms.Walfoot approached the book club with a poetry reading idea. Together both the library and book club prepared, using fliers and signup sheets to gain attendance. “ In our club Ms. Walfoort would come and talk to us and we would discuss with her what we wanted to do, how we wanted it set up, and how we wanted ( the poetry reading ) to go.” Said  Daphne Barton , president of the Las Lomas book club. The library also supplied a folder full of poems In case someone who wanted to read a poem didn’t have one on hand. The library is planning to host another poetry reading, but the time and date are still undetermined.“ There were a lot of great poems and I hope that more people show up next time,” said Daphne.