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Home Sweet Hospital

If you know me, or at least know of me, you are probably aware that I’ve been absent from school for over a month. No, I did not flee the country. No, I did not drop out. No, I did not transfer to a different school. Believe it or not, I’m actually still alive! I don’t know how or why I’m still breathing today, but here we are. This school year has been hell for me, to say the least. I’ve been having a plethora of health issues, both mentally and physically, and these heavy burdens have made school more difficult than I ever thought it could be. As the days of the year passed by, the weight became heavier, and I began to lose my strength. I was weak. I was hopeless. After months of having panic attacks, breakdowns, nausea episodes, chronic stomach pain, and a constant dread of the future, I finally decided that enough was enough. It was time to get the help that I had been avoiding.

Towards the end of March, I was put into an outpatient mental hospital at John Muir. I was hesitant to set aside time for myself and to put my health before my responsibilities, but I wouldn’t change my decision for the world. I don’t know if I would still be here today if that crucial decision hadn’t been made. After missing so much school from my time in the care facility, along with all the days I missed from my health issues, I was starting to get concerned about the stacks of assignments and tests I was missing. A sense of hopelessness came to me once again, but luckily I found out about the option of doing my work through the magic of Home and Hospital. If you don’t know what this is, Home and Hospital is basically where a teacher comes to your house, or wherever you two decide to meet, and you both do academic work outside of a school setting. Many students take this approach when having health issues similar to mine, and it has helped a lot of people stay on track with their studies despite the challenges that they face. It’s self paced, flexible, and an absolute blessing for students like me.

I’ve only been in the system for a couple weeks now. I don’t have a ton of personal experience with this, but I am definitely getting used to it, and I have found many academic benefits by doing Home and Hospital. It’s very flexible with my schedule at John Muir, and I never feel a sense of pressure when doing my work or studying. My teacher, Megan, is very nice, and she is always understanding if I am unable to finish an assignment or make up a test. It’s also a very easy way to keep in contact with teachers and receive missed work. It may not be the same as wandering the halls of Las Lomas with a bunch of slow walkers, but it’s definitely what I need right now in order to heal and move forward from the dark situation I am getting out of.

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